It’s the Humidity

Brightly dressed trees (no idea why) top of Fox Drive stairs
For some reason, these trees decided to put their party pants on…(top of Fox Drive stairs)

Yesterday: A slight break in the weather, and by break I mean suck-my-will-to-live heat. It’s been so hot, I haven’t walked for about five days. No one was stopping me, except my own lethargy and a heartfelt plea from my already overworked sweat glands. Also, the many fires burning all around made the city extremely smoky. None of this was conducive to a stroll in the woods, but today was much nicer. Left around 11:00 and the air was breathable, bird-loud, and very fragrant, almost like an early morning walk. There was considerable chirpiness in the canopy, proof that even the birds were happy about the cooler temperatures.

Vetch, which is a rotten name for something so pretty
Vetch, which is a rotten name for something so pretty

However, it was humid. It poured in some parts of the city on Sunday, and judging by the moist ground and diamond-like drops of water on the leaves, it seems like north Whitemud Creek received the rain we did not get further south, which was but a sprinkle, a ‘baptism’, as my sister says. Not helpful, but temporarily cheering.

Moth 1

It’s strange that we are in a severe drought this summer, and yet the ravine is lush and green. As long as you don’t look at the creek, which is little more than a trickle, you would never know. Lots of Saskatoons on the bushes this year, too.

11:00 to 1:00/24C

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