Grasshoppers, mosquitoes, wasps, oh my…


A TREMENDOUSLY buggy walk in Whitemud this afternoon. The moment I stopped to take a photograph, my body (mostly my head and face) was aggressively colonized. I love watching the grassphoppers jump out of my way along the paths, but there is just no way to dodge the mozzies. Usually, they only come out at dawn and dusk. Also some other kind of buzzing insect, which I’m pretty sure were wasps, and plenty of them. No stings, but I was glad to get out of the ravine, in spite of the loveliness of the scenery. I kept mussing my hair like I was in a shampoo commercial.

Yellow leaves
What the frack

Sadly, there were parts of the ravine floor populated by an uncomfortable number of yellow leaves. It has been cold, at least in the mornings (10C yesterday), but it does seem a little early for the first signs of autumn. On the other hand, it is mid-August. All in all, a warm, buggy, but rejuvenating walk. About 90 minutes.

Green shadows
Green shadows


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