Hot Day in July


Haven’t posted for awhile, but…there have been walks. Oh yes. Not gonna lie though, when it was really hot last week, Maggie and I opted for short, morning walks. Today, however, I couldn’t let such a splendid day go unremarked. Unremarked upon? Breezy, warm, and intensely bright. Walked in fields of pink and yellow flowers, bent in gentle curves by fat bees. Above, and all around me, dragonflies. Puddles from last night’s storm, quickly evaporating in the wind. Cool, wet earth in the depths of the ravine, but hot on the access trails. Everything all smelly and pretty. Must be July.

Powerline in Whitemud Ravine
Powerline in Whitemud Ravine

Powerline field 1



24C/2:00 – 4:00

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