Easter Sunday

Whitemud Easter Sunday

Lovely walk along the trail in Whitemud, just off Westbrook. Maggie seemed to enjoy the ride this time. Must be improving on my driving skills, or maybe she liked the tunes.

Next walk in the woods, no boots – back to running shoes. There’s very little snow and only a few patches of easily avoidable ice left on the trails, so it’s just not worth wearing my clunky hiking boots anymore. Other than the ubiquitous chickadees and a maddeningly just out of view pileated woodpecker, the woods were pretty quiet. People must be at home desecrating chocolate Easter bunnies (I did that yesterday, except it was a chicken.) The creek is completely open. Crazy how fast Friday’s 10cm of snow melted. Just two days, and it’s all gone.

Maggie has developed this thing about laying down in water. It started last year, maybe the year before. It seems to be getting worse, or depending on your perspective, funnier. Doesn’t matter if it’s shallow, or ice cold – she just nestles in. Must feel good on her bits and pieces. Or something. Who knows why dogs do anything? It probably doesn’t help that we all laugh when she does it, and take pictures. I’m glad I have a semi-permanent sheet in the backseat of the car.

Laying down with dogs...
Laying down with dogs…


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