Round Trip

Mill Creek frozen green
Mill Creek, frozen green

The river valley never fails to impress. On Thursday, I walked from Saskatchewan Drive, down skunk hollow to Rossdale, across Louise McKinney Park and the pedestrian bridge, with a final hike through Mill Creek. A cold, beautiful day. I can forgive the weather for a bit of sun.

River valley view
Looking out to the river and the Cloverdale pedestrian bridge from the north side.

The river is still encased in ice. Hanging over the Cloverdale Pedestrian Bridge, I noticed a lot of footprints in the dusting of snow we received the night before, but whose foot, or feet, is the question. It’s too early for the resident geese to return (I hope), and I really can’t see a human walking out to the middle of the river. Maybe a drunk human. Still, seems unlikely. Maybe a coyote, or a yeti. Wish I’d been there to see it.

Drunk deer crossing
Drunk deer crossing

River Valley crossings II

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