Rhapsody in Blue

Blue shadows

I can’t think of anything that would have made the afternoon’s walk lovelier. Like a perfect painting, the brushes were put away at exactly the right moment. A cobalt blue sky, straight out of the tube. A mix of purple, blue and turquoise visible in the shadows falling across the snow. It was magnificent.

Blue and Snow

With few walks in February because of the cold, Maggie and I have been taking advantage of the nicer weather this week, and last. Stuffed her in the car this afternoon and drove to Whitemud Creek Ravine at the trail head in Westbrook. A lady who knows Maggie commented yesterday while we were walking around the neighbourhood that Maggie looked stiff. I don’t see it. Her endurance is way down, and when she wants to go home she refuses to move, but her motoring ability hasn’t changed. MaggieShe ran most of the trail today, which is more than I can say for myself. It’s great down in the ravine because there’s not a lot of rabbit poop (thank you coyotes), so she’s not distracted to the point of obstinacy. Just the usual curiosity about who’s been where and when. We both enjoyed our walk. The thing is, I can go farther and faster without her. I must carve out a few dogless walks each week. Seems unfriendly, but I need the exercise.


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