Snow in the ‘hood…and on it

Snow in the hood

Funny how my attitude toward snow has changed since I bought a car. I love the snow, but now…it’s complicated. My little Mazda sits outside in the cold, and I’m still scraping off the 10 cm of rain/ice/snow that fell on Saturday. Also, I’m thinking about driving on snowy roads more than walking on them, which is a huge change, and not necessarily for the better. I want stay focused on my feet and what they can do for me, not my wheels (although it’s pretty damn nice to have a car.)

Mountain Ash

I should have walked yesterday, but the gloom kept me inside. Today, so beautiful and sparkling! I couldn’t resist. The dog and I walked for 20 minutes just before noon, which is way too short. Maggie’s feet were bothered by the salt, so we went around the neighbourhood in the opposite direction, rather than take the salted sidewalk route into Whitemud. Once my car is de-iced, I’ll drive both of us to a trail. No point in troubling our paws on sidewalks when we could be prancing in the snowy woods.

Maggie in the snow

Did I mention that this time last week I was sitting by a pool in 30C weather? It’s been a discombobulating week. The sun, however, is helping to bobulate my still vacationing brain cells…


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