My Inside Day

I shoveled today. Up and sideways. Mostly up. I strolled through Southgate, jumped over my budgetary boundaries, bought the second season of The Tudors, and hoisted Henry VIII over my shoulder. I leapt across a snowbank in the parking lot. Back and forth in varying degrees of difficulty, to the fridge, the washer/dryer, and the television. I downward-dogged to pet a dog, and cat-napped a purring cat. Bench-pressed three cups of coffee (with cream), and raced through the last few pages of Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. I did a series of crunches, mostly peanut M&M’s, followed by two (maybe more) repetitions of lime and chipotle-flavored nacho chips. I flipped a tab on a Diet Pepsi and guzzled a litre of water.

It was a sunny, bone-chilling day. An inside day. A day to keep calm, listen to Kate Bush, and eat peanut M&M’s.


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