Success! Found my way out of Aspen Gardens today, which made our walk about 90 minutes long instead of two hours. Once again, the dog and I hopped on the family Folk Fest bus in the morning, but this time we were dropped off at the trail head to Whitemud Creek in Westbrook.  Once Maggie figured out her mum wasn’t coming with us, she took off back toward the street, but the van had long since departed. I’m probably her second favourite person in the world, but a mum is a mum. Eventually…she stopped looking wistfully in the direction of the road.

There is good news about the bridge. Yesterday I went for a second walk with Maggie to the power line, and at the end of the path, not one but two port-a-potties! This can only mean one thing: workers. There was more fence as well, and some stakes in the ground. I’m very happy about this. It suggests that work is imminent on the ravine bank and the bridge. I guess this makes sense…there are giant power line towers very near to the ravine. If one goes, they all go.  I had assumed that there would be no work done this year, as the trail does not involve a disruption to car (as opposed to foot) traffic, so the city wouldn’t give a flying fuck. But fingers crossed, this extremely well-used trail is on somebody’s to-do list.


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