Back Again

Back in Mill Creek today. Abstaining from the Folk Fest yet again this year, but took advantage of a non-abstainer’s ride down to Rossdale. Had a fantastic walk through Louise McKinney and especially Mill Creek Ravine, which currently resembles a jungle, minus the monkeys (I think.) Unfortunately, walks in the ‘hood mean a 45 ride on various forms of transportation to get back home, and today it was even longer. Wreaks havoc with my post-walk vibe. Nevertheless, Mill Creek continues to weave a spell around me. My heart beats slower, my shoulders relax. My brain is emptied of pesky thoughts. The past shrinks and the future disappears. Just me, the trees, some very striking rust-coloured dragonflies, many, many birds, and the creek.

Oh, and this sign. Odd that someone would be carrying a can of spray paint around, but I guess you never know where opportunity will arise.


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