An Unusual Walk

I should’ve written this yesterday, but my sizzling, burnt skin was too much of a distraction. The dog had a minor procedure done at the vet on Friday, and wasn’t quite up to a walk on Saturday, so I took the opportunity to head off in the middle of a hot day, something I wouldn’t normally do with a fur-covered creature. I’ve never walked in Whitemud Creek without Maggie, so it was exceptionally weird to have a continuous, fast stride, unbroken by calls from nature, or the ever present need to read the latest peemail and/or bother unsuspecting bugs. Nevertheless, I kept spotting choice sticks to throw, and carried on with my usual dog-human banter. Mostly in my head. It’s tough to go dogless.

1:30 PM/26C (Saturday’s temp. Today it’s pouring rain)


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