Big Storm

Rock meet water

Hellacious storm last night. Got up at 3:30 to watch the hail pummel my sister’s garden. I’ve never seen that much rain, at least not in recent memory. Some areas of the city got 100mm, and I’m pretty sure that area was southeast Edmonton. Even my poor pepper plant looks like it was deadheaded within an inch of its life. And, I’m sad to report, I lost a baby pepper.

Ah well, I have to admit I love intense weather, even if I have to sacrifice a beloved vegetable to get it. Beth and I took the dog for a walk this morning, and the power line field was completely saturated. Maggie had a great time in the mini-lakes. My feet were soaked within two minutes. Most spectacularly, the bank on the south end of Whitemud Creek has caved in near the water intake thing. Two giant holes, and then it’s just gone, sheared way by the volume of water. AsĀ  a result, the creek was running very fast. Too fast. Had to keep the dog on the leash. Took a few photos, but the eroded bank was in dark contrast to the bright sun. I’ll try later. This afternoon, it is incredibly humid. And hot. Like every other day this week.


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