A final stroll in Mill Creek…for awhile

The bloated North Saskatchewan River

On this, my last day of holidays (until July), I took the train downtown and then walked into Louise McKinney to view the rising North Saskatchewan River. It is high, and moving fast, but I’ve seen higher. Lots of debris in the water, and once again, the seagulls have been usurped from their island home until the waters recede. Nice to do these periodic check-ins while I’m temporarily relocated to the southeast. In this area of the river valley different things happen depending on the time of year, and this is when the river floods the shore. This is also the time when the trees in Rossdale start swingin’ with the worms. I don’t have to see one to know the green devil has returned, so no Rossdale until July.

The day started out sunny, and the walk to the train was sunny, but by the time I exited the Winspear, it was completely overcast. Not a bad day to walk, especially since I burned the hell out of my back yesterday, but I was worried it was going to rain. My luck held, and Mill Creek Ravine was serene, beautiful and dry. Not another soul about, other than the birds. Seems to be more Robins this year. Maybe my absence from the neighbourhood has made the magpie population drop. No one’s feeding them peanuts anymore. Stupid people.

Edmonton gone to seed


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