Moody skies

A 90 minute afternoon walk with the dog, under the clouds and sun in Whitemud. Had the place to myself, which is always cheering. Not that I mind people, per se, it just makes it easier for Maggie. I was downtown this morning, but opted to stay above ground rather than end my errands with a stroll through Louise McKinney and Mill Creek. I’ll be in the area on Wednesday, and I wanted to make time for the dog. So, after lunch we wandered around Whitemud for about an hour, and then back through the power line. I think if Maggie could have taken a cab, she would have done so, rather than walk the last fifteen minutes down the street to home. It’s a boring stretch, especially after all the peemail has been read. Age is definitely catching up with that dog.

My trip to Mill Creek last week really drove home the fact that as much as I like Whitemud Ravine, it’s just not as pretty as Mill Creek Ravine. Whitemud is bigger and wider, as is the creek, and it’s more isolated from traffic, but Mill Creek has way more variation, and many more little bridges. It’s compact and gorgeous, like a Mars Bar.


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