A long, hard walk

The biophosphorescent Mill Creek

Back in Rossdale for a week with the continence-challenged whippet and the OCD cat. Went for an early morning walk with Eddie, and then headed over to Whyte Ave via the monkey trail near skunk hollow. The snow was scheduled to fall around noon, so I left at 10:00. Ran my errands, and then made a final stop at Wild Earth Cafe for two trail-mix cookies for my afternoon coffee. The last leg of my walk through Mill Creek was a real slog. By that point, I’d been walking for two hours, which usually is not a problem, but my feet were really sore, and my backpack felt like it was full of weights (a book actually, and some cheez whiz and assorted other comestibles.) Once I hit Louise McKinney, I was almost shuffling. So unlike me. I’ve got to do something to kick up my exercise. Two long walks in Whitemud every weekend with Maggie is nowhere near the equivalent of the five or six 90 minute walks I used to get, and I still have several more months before I move back to Mill Creek. At least I’ll be walking to and from work this week. Also, eating M&M’s.


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