An Altered Life

Maggie of the Whitemud Alps

A much-need romp in the woods with the dog. Nice day…yesterday. Lots of sun and warmth. Just getting around to writing about it now as my packed schedule of eating and visiting (not necessarily in that order) has interfered with my journalling. Was going to walk in the river valley along my old trails in Mill Creek this morning, but the wind is blowing something fierce and my skin is not in the mood for a dermabrasion. Good day to stay inside, ruminate about the closing of 2011 and make plans to do…oh I don’t know…better stuff in 2012. Also, eat. And visit. I despair at my lack of communing with nature in the latter months of this year. So few long walks, and almost nothing at all during weekdays. I’ve lost touch with the river. I no longer interact with the birds. From a walking/fitness/nature point of view, it’s been a strange four months.

I’m not who I was.

However, my temporarily altered walking life has improved in one major respect-I now have a dog to accompany me on my strolls through the woods. It’s hard to imagine a more joyful walking companion. Maggie, you’re the best.

Here’s to 2012!



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