O, the incongruity

puffy things near the creek

It’s the second day of Autumn, and it’s supposed to reach 29C. It’s already warm. And dry. Good for the farmers. Great for the wasps. 30C tomorrow. Very strange.

Maggie and I had a lovely romp in the woods among the golden poplars and assorted colourful things, including a Pileated Woodpecker, who failed to pose for a picture. At one point I was stalked by some chattering magpies, who looked absolutely stunning against the yellow, but they too buggered off the second my camera came into focus. We took the loop that ends up in the Westbrook neighbourhood. Very nice houses, I must say, but I prefer trees. It’s a good 90-minute loop, with a particularly nice trail through some dark spruce. Passed by a lady with a dog carrier full of stuffed chimps. She had her child in tow, and a large camera. “It’s for a children’s book.” Oh. How ironic. I’m guessing it won’t show up in my other blog anytime soon. I just did a monkeys.

1:20PM/19C (so far…)



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