First you’re hot then you’re cold…

The weather fairies can’t decide what kind of day this should be. It’s hot when the sun is out, but chilly under the clouds and right now, the sky is full of clouds. It could rain, and in fact the Cumulonimbi¬†look like they’ve got precipitation on the brain, but sun and blue sky keep breaking through. I have a feeling the clouds and rain will eventually win out, which is too bad for the Folk Fest folks. Having sat on many a wet hill, I really do hope the weather fairies decide in favour of the sun. Nevertheless, in anticipation of a rainy afternoon, I left earlier than normal for my walk…around 11:20, and returned home two hours later. Lots of wet soil and puddles from last night (and the night before, and the day before that, etc.,), but no mosquitoes. Quite a few friendly dogs, and even friendlier people with chairs strapped to their backs headed toward the Folk Fest site. Next year I’ll go again. I am consumed by this move. It’s taking all my spare time, with the exception of the non-negotiable hours allocated to the river valley. And watching Celebrity Rehab. A girl’s gotta have her priorities.

2:03 PM/16C

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