Autumn in August

Poplars popping in Rossdale

It’s August 5th, effin’ hot outside, and this is the scene in Rossdale. I don’t want to sound too incredulous…poplar leaves are always the first to shuffle off their mortal stems, but seriously man, I was being pelted by falling leaves. It was lovely, but premature. Like ice cream before the pasta.

A hot and steamy walk in the river valley on a sunny Friday afternoon, from the university area to Mill Creek, with the sounds of the Folk Fest wafting through the air the last twenty minutes. The weekend is full of promise. The promise of more boxes to pack for the move…but also the promise of some very pleasant weather, and hopefully a few leafy strolls in the woods, if time allows. There is a limit to how many boxes a person can pack in one day. In my case, it’s about three.


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