After the rain

Rain these last two days but today, Sunday, it’s lovely. Occasionally overcast, but mostly bright and sun-filled. Unbelievably gorgeous smells wafting out of the river valley, and so lush. Hard to believe the land is still puffing out and greening up, but it is, and a couple of days of rain made everything leap forward. Terribly cold yesterday, and Friday. Hovering between 4 and 8, which incidentally, is the same temperature I experienced for 6 hours straight in my capris jammies last week at the Relay for Life. Not warm today, but humid enough to warrant a tank top and shorts. Did some stairs and a loop around north Mill Creek and McKinney. Still no leaf-roller caterpillars, but I haven’t been walking in the areas with the infestations, like Rossdale. Tomorrow, my first day back at work, I’ll look for worm-sign, or as Jurgen Prochnow says in Dune, verm-zine. With the exception of Friday and Saturday, my week of holidays has been grand. And two rain days to read, de-clutter my closets, and plant stuff in my flower pots is not such a bad thing. Glad to be back in the woods though…


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