Goodbye Boots

A Broken River

Finally. Back in my running shoes now that most of the snow is gone from the trails. What’s that? The weather is changing? 10cm of snow? What a horrible joke.

Gale-force winds and dust devils are not the stuff of a lovely walk, but at least I walked. It’s hit or miss these days. I have to say, there is nothing uglier than an early spring day in Edmonton. However, walking through Skunk Hollow near one of the hills, a little stream had cut a trench along the grass, and the soil beneath was exposed and wonderfully fragrant with the smell of wet earth. A smell that is absent in winter, and one that is so evocative, it drives me to visit the Muttart on cold, winter days. Or, in a pinch, stuff my head in a recently watered houseplant.

I don’t know why the precipitation can’t fall as rain. There is probably some meteorological reason, but this is more of an existential question. A day of rain would be brilliant. Ah well. Saw quite a few geese near the North Saskatchewan river, which is surprisingly clear of ice, at least down the middle. Who knows about tomorrow…



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