The sky above Mill Creek

I’m writing this day after a lovely, blue walk in the river valley. Continuing to be under the weather, so I went home early yesterday. In spite of feeling like I had a weasel shoved into my right ear, I walked for a long time, almost two hours. The weasel never left my side.

The sounds were muffled, and the pressure made my head feel like it was going to pop off my shoulders, but so far, my balance is not affected, and anyway, a walk in the warm air and bright sunshine seemed like the right thing to do. At the very least, saying hello to the geese under the LRT bridge, dodging puddles on every sidewalk, and extricating myself from deep holes in the soft snow proved to be a nice little distraction from my ear woes. Can’t say that my head (or ears) felt better after my stroll through the woods, but my spirit did. Laid flat for the rest of the afternoon. And evening. And morning.

3:00PM/7C (yesterday)

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