Free at Last!

And I say it's alright

Thank God Almighty. It happened about 3:30PM. Streams of sunlight pouring through the windows. Everyone in my office moved toward the light in unison, like a group of plane crash casualties heading for the hereafter. Later, as I began my walk, I hesitated to turn east, with my back to the sun, in case it disappeared. What a glorious afternoon.

Conversely, the consensus at work this morning was that everyone was tired. A common enough sentiment in an office, but truly, the gloom has gotten everyone down. I’ve been managing longer walks the last few days, about an hour each, which has been good for my battered, unexercised soul. Lovely squelching sounds along the paths, not so lovely gravel in my boots. My entire inner dialogue on the way home was, ‘the sun!‘ followed by ‘man I have a lot of rocks in my boots I should stop now.‘ I didn’t. I kept walking. And walking.


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