Spring Hopes Eternal

A not so jolly snowman

Another gloomy, chilly day. As I walked home, snow pelting my eyeballs, I wondered about this ‘spring’ season people are talking about. Is it a myth, a neo-citran induced hallucinatory fantasy, or an outright lie? The almost constant snow over the last few days kinda takes the fun out of walking, and living, really, but I am ever hopeful. I’ve heard rumours that it will be warming up, and sunning up starting tomorrow. If this proves to be true, I will be a: surprised, and b: happy. Very, very happy. I will also walk longer than I did today. A bit of errand-running and then a short walk along a puddle-lousy Whyte Avenue. Not enough.

A friend sent me this image of a snowman her daughters built in their yard on the weekend. Nice to know people still have a sense of humour, even if the snowmen don’t.


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