Spring has sprung…somewhere

Ironically uploaded

That. Was an ugly day.

Happy second day of spring! You’d never know it, although I finally saw actual geese today, freezing their feathered arses off in the water below the Walterdale Bridge. My walk was short, brutish and nasty. Fifty minutes of blowing wind, tiny slaps of snow, and a landscape the colour of a tumour.

Quite a change from last week, and in fact, the reports are showing bleak skies and cold temperatures for the next three or four days. It’s a challenge to keep walking. It’s a challenge to keep breathing. But, I have to persevere, we all have to persevere. If geese can lower their nether regions into the black, frigid water of the North Saskatchewan, I can handle a few more days of ugly.

5:10 PM/-1C (really? really? Feels like -45C)

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