What Did We Do?

From a previous walk. No sun today. Camera frozen.

Well, not much to write about. Just a few walks this last week. Or is that two weeks? I’ve lost track, it’s been very, very cold, with the thermometer stuck at -20C (or worse.) The average temperature for this time of year is -2C. I am at a loss for words! My aphasia is due to the inexplicable nature of our rotten weather, which seems both unfair and punitive, as well as sloth-induced brain atrophy. Perhaps it’s more of the latter. I am at all times resigned to the fact that I don’t live in Costa Rica, nor would I want to, in spite of my desire for garden iguanas.

Enough whining.

Is that even possible?

On the bright side, it’s been bright (with the exception of today), and it stays that way until well after 6:00 pm. Light in the morning, too. Before I leave for work, the birds are up and yelling for fresh seed. I always oblige. Some mornings, like today for instance, the warm seeds steam in the frigid temperatures.

In defiance of all reason, I walked home today. Wore the Kommissar (my Russian great coat), wrapped my

How to cope with the weather

warmest scarf around my neck and lower face parts, and pulled my hat down over my forehead, and I was still frozen. Especially the rectangle of exposed flesh surrounding my watering eyeballs. Really, was it worth it? Probably. As a public transportation user, but more importantly, as a devoted walker, taking the bus home at the end of the day just seems wrong. And there’s that sloth factor. I’ve had enough of it. I don’t want to hibernate anymore, and yet all signs point toward carbohydrates and sleep. Hence, the walk…straight through the drifts of Saskatchewan Drive. I feel so much better. Or at least I do now that I’ve had a hot, bubbly bath and a warm beverage.

Even through all my gear, and the howling winds, I could hear the birds singing their hearts out. As soon as I got home, I reloaded the bird feeder. Seems the least I could do…

5:20 pm/-22C

Sunrise: 7:20 am/Sunset: 6:12 pm

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