Oh, the weather outside is frightful

Let it snow, and snow, and snow...

We’re in for it. 20 cm of snow by Sunday. I was geared up for a longer walk, but the wind was blowing straight in my eyeballs, and short of a balaclava, which I’ve given up wearing ever since the court ordered me to, there was really no way to protect my face parts. The temperature is not bad, but windchill determines the length of my walks this time of year. And of course, daily variations in overall laziness.

Walked straight down Saskatchewan Drive on the north side of the road. Not much of a path, so I followed the narrow groove of a bike track. Can’t believe someone rode a bike in this! Not a surprise that for the duration of my 30 minute walk, there was a constant drone of sirens in the background. A good night to stay home and eat chips.


Sunrise: 8:49AM  /Sunset: 4:32PM

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