Cobalt Blue Day

Even nicer today, although the temperature is the same. More sun, maybe, and no wind. Did the full-loop around Mill Creek, which is about a 90 minute walk, or three peanut M&M’s.

Woody, are you in there?
Quite a few more walkers this afternoon, most with dogs. Very friendly dogs, too, which is always a pleasure for my dog-deprived petting hand.
Stopped a few times to listen to the birds. The crunch of snow underfoot muffles the sound of their chirpy little songs, but more specifically, I’m hoping to hear a Pileated Woodpecker. In 2009, I saw quite a few, but this year, if I’m not mistaken (I’ll have to scroll through these entries, as well as the journal previous to this blog), I don’t think I’ve seen any. No particular reason to be so interested, it’s just cool to see one of these incredibly odd birds. They look like dinosaurs from the neck up. Must be the dry air in these parts.
It’s just so beautiful, all of it, far more than than a photo can convey.


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