Yeah, I don’t think so…

So pretty, so deadly

At the time of my departure from work, it was -24C, so no walk and barely any exposure to the nostril-slamming temperatures, other than a graceless sprint over to the local transit establishment. No walk tomorrow either, it’s supposed to be even colder! No problem, I’ll just fire up the 70’s TV Christmas episodes I downloaded on to my iPod Touch this weekend, and spend a little quality time with Mary Tyler Moore and Bob Newhart in the warmth and relative comfort of the bus. At least my mascara will stay on my eyelashes.

Just a quick note: the federal government said no to Edmonton’s funding request for the 2017 Expo bid. I am stupidly happy about this, and it’s not often Stephen Harper and company make me happy. Yes, it would have been fantastic to get some much needed infrastructure money, and a few new mascots (I suppose), but the Expo 2017 bid is the dirty little secret behind the Southeast Edmonton LRT expansion route through the river valley. Without the Expo, and the proposed Expo pavilion near the Muttart Conservatory, maybe the city will reconsider gouging into Louise McKinney Park, taking the the lovely Cloverdale Pedestrian Bridge with it, not to mention all the heartbreaking, irreparable damage that will be done to a significant chunk of the much lauded but hypocritically appreciated river valley. Fingers crossed. I am not anti-LRT, far from it. Just anti-dumb ass.

5:30 PM/-24C Wind-chill…well, say goodbye to your sticky-out parts

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