The foothills of Mill Creek

This first morning of the return to Standard Time was very gloomy, and I was considering not going for a walk at all, but by noon the sun was out, and off I went. Once again, the sun has guilted me out of my natural indolence. After 90 minutes, I can say without equivocation that the day has turned out to be very fine indeed. Dubious beginnings plague us all, I guess. The air was cool, but not so cool I had to wear gloves, no wind, and the sky was full of blue. Perfect.

Went backwards into Mill Creek, by which I mean, the opposite route to my usual; I did not tumble down the ravine, although I have. Went up the stairs by the French school, followed by a bit of heaving, and then back down through Rutherford into South Mill Creek. It’s a good loop. Lots of hills, and seven or eight bridges from one end of Mill Creek to the other. Amazing that for all intents and purposes, this ever-changing, gorgeous piece of landscape is in my backyard. Or a few blocks from it.

And to think I would have missed all this for a third cup of coffee and a fat new novel!  I guess that’s why the Flying Spaghetti Monster made Sunday afternoons. Thank you, FSM. I shake your noodly appendage for both this beautiful day, and this fat new novel I’m about to read. Oh, and the third cup of coffee.

2:03 PM/3C

Sunrise 7:44 AM/Sunset: 4:51 PM (weep)

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