Below zero

Birch slapped

My first walk since the early spring where it’s been below zero. It’s deceiving. The temperature said -3C, so I geared up with gloves and an extra layer. Five minutes in the bright sun, and the gloves came off, but unfortunately I was stuck with my layers. Longish walk, ending at work. The first part was great, in spite of a few lost moments in Kinsmen, but the second part? A necessary evil.

Turns out, there’s a mini-putt behind the Kinsmen, and in spite of my best efforts, up and down hill, I could not find a through path. So, down again. Eventually, I found my way, but it added on about 10 minutes to my walk. Not that I was particularly anxious to get to work.

I think I’ll start walking earlier on the weekends. The midday sun is washing out the view, and even though the trees are bare, there is still a lot of beautiful, subtle colour in the post-leaf autumn landscape.

12:35PM/-3C (it’s now 11C)

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