Another Day Off

Haystack farms on the way back to Edmonton

Back to flatsville yesterday, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. I think it’s possible that I would develop a case of claustrophobia if I lived in the mountains, but the contrast from one part of this province to another is stunning. I hope I get to visit Canmore again, especially in the winter.

It doesn’t matter what piece of landscape I’m looking at, I always wonder what it would look like under a blanket of snow. Unlike Jasper, where there is always a dusting of white on the higher mountains, the peaks in Canmore were bare, other than the rolling velvet of the evergreens. I can only imagine how lovely they would be in December.

Today, on the trails in Mill Creek, the trees are almost entirely bereft of leaves. The ground, on the other hand, has taken on a fortune in brown and yellow leaves. The geometry of the river valley is fully exposed.

A fortune of leaves

Took the day off to catch up on all the stuff left undone while galavanting in the mountains. Other than a few dogs taking their people for walks, the trails were deserted. Walked for about an hour in the bright sunshine and then did some stairs. No mountain streams, but just as meditative.

2:35PM/13C (It’s still surprisingly warm for October. Last year on this day it was -4C.)

Sunrise: 7:55 AM

Sunset: 6:46 PM

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