Late Summer Late Walk

The ruins of some ancient civilization in Mill Creek, possibly Aztec

Walked after I got home, after an appointment, and after most of the trail commuters had left the ravine, and the dog walkers had entered. It was evening cool in the shade, but still warm in the sunlight. Pretty sure I saw a Kingfisher, but is that possible? Definite greyish blue colour with the white neck band and slightly stunted body. I’ll have to look it up.

So tired these days, but the walks help. Hoping for some aimless walks this long weekend. As the days shorten, so does my time in the river valley. At the end of October, it will be too dark to make my commute through the isolated paths in the woods. Werewolves and stuff. However, still have eight weeks in the weakening sun.

6:38 PM/19C

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