Bluebells along a forbidden path

Well, I’ll be…

Yesterday I wished for a cooler day, and for once in my miserable life, I got what I wanted. Hm. Let me rephrase that….must be a little residual grumpiness from the heat stroke. It was a beautiful day. And a fantastic walk. Warm, but not too warm, with just the right amount of puffery in the sky.

Walked through Mill Creek to the the trail that runs adjacent to 98th Avenue, which is far enough removed from the traffic that the thick foliage absorbs the sound. At the top of the steep climb, the trail opens up into the Forest Heights neighbourhood, and to the north, McNally High School. Normally, I would carry on to Riverdale, but that route is currently dead-ended by construction on the Dawson Bridge. So, back down the same trail I came up.

At the bottom, I took the path that I ‘discovered’ in the spring, which is unpaved and runs parallel to the river. It’s


completely overgrown now, and a little more dangerous in that the bush obscures the bikers (and me.) Also, there is an orange fence at both entry points, so in theory, it’s off limits. In practice, it continues to be a well-used path, especially by the bikers, judging by the number of mini-moguls on the trail. Not sure why the Parks dept has blocked off the trail, other than the area seems to have experienced more than it’s fair share of fallen trees. Ah well. I’ll watch for the bikers and the falling trees, and hopefully they’ll watch out for me. The trail is beautiful. Resistance is futile.

2:15 PM/21C (perfect)

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