Is there anything they can't do?

Did my walking at Capital Ex today. And by walking, I mean waddling from food kiosk to food kiosk. Long way to go for a donut, but man, those are some good donuts. Also, a veggie falafel, two lemonades, and some kind of exceptionally tasty caramel cashew nut bar thing from the fudge guy in the Expo Centre. Oh, and a deep-fried mars bar. Turns out deep-fried mars bars aren’t that exciting. I was expecting something crispy and gooey, but it was more like a greazy, nougat sandwich. Or…at four hours into this lard fest, ┬ámaybe I was just past the point of enjoying anything, other than a cool facecloth and a handful of ibuprofen (not deep-fried.)

Fun day, but I foresee an awful lot of walking in the near future to counter all that sugar and grease. Delicious, delicious sugar and grease.

5:35 PM/27C (damn hot)

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