Quoth the Raven(s) Part II

The kids have left the nest, sort of...

Didn’t go for a walk today…stuff to do, jeans to buy, dogs to see…the usual.

BUT, I did see wildlife in the feathered form of GIANT RAVEN BABIES near the pond by the old Arts building on campus. By the size and sheen of them, I thought they were adults, until their jaws went slack and the mum did a worm fly-by. Brilliant!

open wide

The kids stayed near the water for about an hour, alternating between sleep and gaping their maws for the next slimy delivery.

big, black and beautiful

We’ve been watching these new lives unfold since the Raven parents built…yes…a giant nest on top of a pillar on the Arts building. For the last three months, the mum and dad have continually circled the area, and their booming CAWS can be heard several buildings away. And now, the babies are no longer babies, but oily teenagers still relying on their parents for room, board, and a daily serving of worms. Typical.


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