A Fuzzy Morning

think I'll take a swim...

I highly recommend a walk in the woods the morning after an evening of rain. It’s so deliciously smelly (in a good way), and all the leaves sparkle with droplets of water. Also, it’s cool. I started at nine-ish this morning but I think the temperature was already about 18 or 19. Visually, it’s much nicer on the trails when the sun isn’t directly overhead. The colours get washed out, and it’s just too hot to really enjoy the walk. This morning, it was perfect.

I took the same route as yesterday because there were spots along the trail that were completely dolloped with poplar fuzz, and I didn’t have my camera with me. Today, I did have my camera but the rain dampened the puff. Too bad, it was quite spectacular. Hopefully the fuzz will stop flying soon. It’s pretty, but the air is so thick with the stuff it obscures any worms that might be hanging from the trees.

On the way back, took the lower north Mill Creek trail for a change. The creek ends here, oozing into some sort of cement reservoir thing (tastefully decorated with graffiti.) There is also a giant beaver dam, or maybe it’s just a whole bunch of logs, but it looks arranged. I’m betting on the beavers. I like to think some thought went into the construction of the log pile, and the only other life I’ve seen around that area is a couple of ducks. They seem to lack the initiative. And the teeth.

11:10 AM/25C

Sunrise~5:06 AM/Sunset~10:06 PM

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