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bridges over muddy water

Short walks this week…only about 35 minutes per, from the LRT bridge area straight through to ‘skunk hollow’. Better than not walking at all, but mostly function, not a lot of form.

The LRT bridge is also a study in function over form. It’s OK, but not spectacular, not like the Cloverdale Pedestrian Bridge. Everytime I walk across this bridge, I think of what might be erected at Louise McKinney in the near future. The city flunkies have assured us that the new Southeast LRT bridge will be a ‘vast improvement’ over this current LRT bridge. “It was a different council who built that bridge, and we have more money.” ¬†Oh. OK. I feel better now.

5:10 PM/19C

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  1. I subscribed to your blog a couple weeks ago, and I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been enjoying these observations posts. Keep it up!

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