A Kodachrome Day

stupidly nice

Make that three bridges. Three trestle bridges (that I know of) in the south part of Mill Creek Ravine. I missed the one right by the Mill Creek Ravine Park sign on 76th, because I came from the other direction yesterday. Amazing.

Had to walk up to Whyte Ave to return some movies, none of which were particularly good, but I returned them anyway. After I completed that task, I continued walking up to 76th and then, back into the woods. It’s stupidly nice out today, and the trail was packed. These last couple of weeks I’ve enjoyed having the woods almost to myself on weekdays, but now that my holidays are over, it’s back to shared trails and lugging my backpack around. Sigh. I suppose we all have to work, but it doesn’t say much for my job when the best part is the walk home. It’s not really the job, it’s just hard to compete with an hour or two in the river valley. Not that there’s anything wrong with cubicles.

12:52 PM/21C

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