Gone to seed

A sunny day!

blow me

Not terribly warm, but the bright sun and blue sky were adequate compensation. Wandered over to Riverdale for a quick visit. As mentioned in a previous post, this neighbourhood is no longer accessible via the Dawson Bridge because of repairs, so I just did a loop from the Cloverdale Bridge. My entire walk was just under two hours. It doesn’t take very long to walk through Riverdale, although I slowed my pace just a bit. It seems appropriate. In spite of all the new development, the predominance of pre-1950’s homes makes the neighbourhood seem sleepier than it probably is.

Ran across a cat that had been shaved to look like a lion. A very thin, pathetic facsimile of a lion. The head, ‘ankles’, and the end of the tail were left furry, and everything else was shaved to the skin. Exceptionally unkind, I think. Perhaps not physically, but for a cat, this is straight up emotional cruelty. (That’s what the cat said, anyway.) She seemed humiliated, and who wouldn’t be? I could never do that to my cat. First of all, she’s fat…so if I shaved off all of her fur, she’d look like a dwarf Buddha, and because I would have just experienced my own bloody demise, my ability to enjoy this visual would be greatly compromised. I apologized to the kitty on behalf of all apes, and sent her on her way. There was no pride in that lion.

3:50 PM/14C

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