drip, drip, drip

broke back trees

A long wet walk through a dripping forest. The snow took its toll on the trees, especially down in Rossdale. Most of the broken limbs were from the ash trees that canopy over the paths. The same ash trees which, in a few weeks, will be the main host for the lovely green ash worm. More about my spring nemesis later.

ash on the path

Unfortunately, the goose eggs are still on the pillar under the Cloverdale bridge, but the mum is nowhere to be found. I spent a chunk of my workday watching the Edmonton Journal goosecam (sorry boss) and it’s the same thing. Mother goose has buggered off somewhere, abandoning her eggs…for what? A pilates class? There appears to be an epidemic of wayward ¬†geese mothers. Gotta love nature. This would never happen if they were human.


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