My aching brain


Walking in the river valley is my happiness drug. Peanut M&M’s certainly have their place in my life, but when I need a real infusion of the feel goods, I go for a walk.

When I used to work in a bookstore, people would ask how I could walk for hours after standing all day. On the contrary, I found it energizing. It does seem counter-intuitive, but the truth is I was more tired if I didn’t walk. Same thing with my brain. When my head parts are at their shriveled worst, from stress, from over or under use, or just a bad case of the blues, it’s not a nap, or a new dress, or a mood altering whatever that my brain requires to calm itself. It’s a goose paddling in the river…and then moments later, soaring over my head toward its mate on the hill. It’s an early spring lilac, like a bouquet of tiny mauve grapes wrapped in green, still weeks away from their full purple potential. A trio of grey pigeons huddling protectively around a small, dove-white pigeon. The creek, free of ice, filling the valley with gorgeous watery sounds. Sometimes I just stop and listen to the woods. There’s a constant hum of creature and forest noises, but unlike the constant hum in my own brain, it’s regenerative. Life busy with life, regardless of whether I’m there or not. It’s very reassuring. I’m not saying that peanut M&M’s aren’t relaxing or reassuring, but a walk in the woods lasts longer.

1:02 PM/3C (Back to my jacket and thermal leggings. It’s cold, but perfect for a hike.)

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