Over-heated and double-seeding

Here comes the fuzz

That was one HOT walk. It didn’t help that my backpack was absolutely stuffed. It felt like I had a feverish five year old clinging to my back. Also, I was carrying a bag because there was not enough room in my backpack. One last complaint: I managed to dislodge my hip joint on the way home yesterday, or that’s what it felt like, and so I was walking with a limp. Don’t wanna be lame in the river valley. Might get taken out by a bobcat.

However, the day was beautiful. The grass is turning green in spite of the lack of moisture. I love defiance in the face of adversity. Lots of trees are losing their seeds. Some are spitting them off the branches, others just hang there waiting for a breeze. On the ground, the seeds look like fat grey caterpillars. I read somewhere that in times of drought, trees double-seed. I think we’re going to be up to our knees in Poplar fuzz in a few weeks.

6:02 PM/25C

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