Hmm…kinda nice

brown is the new green

Looks gloomy, but I found the walk home to be rather mild and pleasant. I don’t know why some cloudy days seem oppressive and others, like today, feel cozy. Maybe it has more to do with my own internal weather patterns than what’s happening in the sky.

In late fall and early spring, I find the┬ádull, but exquisitely detailed browns and greys of an unfoliated landscape wonderfully calming. Unless I’m in a bad mood, and then I just want to open a vein.

Walked through the woods behind the University to the LRT bridge, over to the Leg grounds, Rossdale and then various monkey paths to home. I wasn’t intending on a long walk today, but I was having such a good time listening to Dean Martin and Stevie Wonder on my iTouch, I just kept walking. (About 75 minutes)

5:48 PM/4C

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