And now? The wind.

Took the LRT to the north side of the river to see if the wind was any less windy over there, and I can now say with full authority that it is not. The wind tunnel that is downtown Edmonton extended all the way into the river valley.

Three of the four McKinney geese were sitting in their usual afternoon spot sunning their feathers and pecking at the brown grass. Don’t know where the fourth one was…maybe picking up a few groceries. Can’t be too many yummy things on the hill to eat this early in spring.

Make way for Mallards

Once I got into Mill Creek, I kept my eye open for the coyote, but he must have moved on. In fact it was surprisingly quiet on the trail. No other walkers, no bikers. Few birds. Well, I did see┬áMr and Mrs Mallard (or perhaps they’re just wading in sin) sitting quietly on a bit of sand near the creek, and another small flock of waxwings, but the usual cacophony of birdsong was absent. I wonder if the wind disturbs them? It certainly disturbs me.

5:31 PM/7C

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