A final stroll in Mill Creek…for awhile

On this, my last day of holidays (until July), I took the train downtown and then walked into Louise McKinney to view the rising North Saskatchewan River. It is high, and moving fast, but I’ve seen higher. Lots of debris in the water, and once again, the seagulls have been usurped from their island home […]

There’s always a…

…after the rain. Also, a lot of worms. On the good side, my new runners no longer look new. Long walk yesterday, short walk today. Love the sound of raindrops on my umbrella. Love the sound of raindrops on anything. I will take a rainy day 100% of the time over the intense heat plaguing […]

We’re Number One!

Yep. Edmonton has overtaken Winnipeg as the mosquito capital of Canada. We are also the murder capital of Canada, which is in no way related. One more interesting fact: we’ve had 33 days with rain out of the last 43. For a mosquito larvae, Edmonton, and our many standing pools of fetid water, is the […]

Welcome back, dragonflies

Your beauty and especially, your appetite are appreciated. Commence feasting. Who’s not welcome back? Worms. Green Ash Leaf-roller Caterpillars, or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves these days. Rossdale is already out, not to be visited again until July. But enough about the green menace, the dragonflies are back, and we can all rejoice. All […]

And yet…I didn’t get rained on

…in spite of the mocking thunder clap just as I stepped outside. In spite of the darkling clouds looming above my head. In spite of the fact that I had defiantly left my rain jacket at home. It did not rain. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. However, I was sans my iPod Touch, which got damaged in the […]

A Swim in the Woods

A walk that was like a swim. That’s how I would describe it. Not that it was too hot, but the temperature varied as if I were wading through a pool. At noon, when I left, it was predominately overcast, and the air was cool. The sun peaked out occasionally, warming my skin, but the […]