Pigeon Sex

Shortly after this bucolic moment, these three pigeons engaged in what can only be described as vigorous and consensual sex.

Shortly after this shot, these pigeons engaged in what can only be described as vigorous & consensual sex.

Another amazing day in our El NiƱo‘d city. It got up to 13C today, under mostly blue skies. Drove over to Mill Creek Ravine for a change, and we began our walk at Skunk Hollow. The trouble with warm temperatures in late winter is the uncovering of existing ice during the day and the creation of it at night. It was slippery, especially during the first part of the walk. What wasn’t ice was mud or cement. Not great walking conditions underfoot, but fantastic from the ankles up.

I know what you did

I know what you did

Just under the low level bridge, we ran into a pigeon threesome, or more accurately, a menage a trois pigeon-style. Two were going at it, and then a third flew in for some action. I can only guess at the social dynamics of pigeon sex, but they seem pretty open to whatever, especially the girl-pigeon. Not only did I watch, I took photos. One of the photos was a very clear shot of an upturned blood red ‘receptacle’, but I made a promise not to post any pornographic photos when I started this blog, and I’m not going to start now, no matter how gross or…gross. You can’t unsee that.

Blue Puddle

Blue Puddle

The rest of the walk, through Louise McKinney, the Muttart and Mill Creek Ravine was very nice. Lots of people out and about – walking dogs, skiing, jogging (in shorts). Thought I heard a robin, and I saw geese flying overhead over the University farm on the way home. It really felt like spring today.

2:30 – 4:00(ish)/13C

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