Louise McKinney Park~free at last!

and now...from the other side of the walkway

The construction is gone, as of today, Canada Day. Finally. And boy, they did a nice job with the walkway, extending it almost all the way to the bridge, with a few new piers. Also, the Cloverdale Footbridge has been renamed (or named, Cloverdale might have been an informal moniker) to the Leilani Muir Footbridge. There is a even a plaque dedicated to the woman who challenged the eugenics policy in Alberta. Just to walk in this area is a history lesson. #Addendum: the ‘renaming’ of the Cloverdale Pedestrian Bridge may be temporary, a political statement or maybe part of The Works celebration, or something. Not sure, still investigating. The plaque is removable.

The walkway is the same one featured in the photo from my previous post. To extend this walkway to Riverdale on the east end and Rossdale on the west would be a wonderful thing, and presumably it would lure new people to this beautiful area of downtown Edmonton. As I’ve said many times, Louise McKinney Park, as is, is enough to bring people down to the river, or it should be, if more people knew about it. One could get the impression from reading the news that there is nothing down here, and all the good stuff is yet to come or still at the planning stage. McKinney is really a lovely park now, and the new walkway is a wonderful new addition.

Spectacular walk in and around that area, as well as Mill Creek Ravine. In the affable company of dragonflies, I did not see a single mosquito. So beautiful to watch their glassy wings criss-crossing in the air above the creek. After the monumental amount of rain in June, everything is incredibly lush. Best news, unlike last year, my iPod did not get trashed in the monsoons.



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  1. Rocky feroe says:

    The Leilani Muir Pedestrian bridge. A city person is talking about removing the sign. That would be sad. How can we help keep it?

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