An unremarkable walk in the sense that from one end of Mill Creek to the other, it was perfect. Hot but not crazy hot, with a cooling breeze and spectacular scenery all around. Even managed to capture a dragonfly sitting on a tree with my camera. Actually, that is remarkable. I’m usually too slow and indelicate to snap anything that moves, hence the 5,000 pictures of trees. It’s not for lack of trying. I’ve made many attempts to take photos of all the little creatures that flit around the woods, but with little success. Make that no success. Sadly, I’ve encountered very little patience in the bug and bird world for my awkward camera moves. Very nice of the dragonfly to stick around for a few photos. Thank you.

Nothing else to report. Stuck to Mill Creek Ravine, did some stairs, looked over a few bridges, listened to the swirling creek (still running fast from all the rain), met with a few kind dogs and an even kinder dragonfly, home an hour and half later. Typical summer walk.

1:58 PM/21C


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