After Work

Green 1

Found a nice compromise walk. Took the train and then the 43 from South Campus, stopping at the top of the trail head that runs parallel to Rainbow Valley Road. So I was able to walk south for about an hour in Whitemud Ravine, before emerging at the powerline. I left work at 4:00 and got home by 5:50, so that’s a pretty good walk. There was some rolling dark clouds overhead, but they didn’t disperse their goods on my head. By the time I got home, the sky was blue and sunny.

I looked forward to it all day.

Green 2

4:41 to 5:50/20C

Two Walks One Post


Two walks, one post. It’s been hot, and I’ve been neglecting and/or avoiding hot appliances. Is a computer an appliance? If only it could toast bread.

Walked with Tom last Friday from work to Glenora and then to Remedy on 124th street. It was a BEAUTIFUL walk. Warm but not too warm, and the neighbourhood west of 124th is very green. The trees canopy the road like in Mill Creek and the houses are just as funky. Or at least, funky adjacent.


The trail up to Glenora

The trail up to Glenora

Pedestrian-crossing fail (in Glenora)

Pedestrian-crossing fail (in Glenora)

On Sunday, it was hotter, so we walked along the trail that follows the river next to Fort Edmonton Park. Most of it was shaded by trees, but not all of it. By the end of the walk, and after a long flight of stairs, we were pretty hot and sweaty. Just off the south side of the Fort Edmonton Footbridge, we spotted an island in the river that people were using as a beach, including one guy who had pitched a tent. Kinda funny.

Edmonton's only beach (outside of West Edm Mall)

Edmonton’s only beach (outside of West Edm Mall)

Other than the lushness of the greenery after so much rain, the most remarkable thing we saw was a young squirrel eating a poplar seed. It was SO sweet. His little arms could barely contain the fluffy seed. I hope there was something in there he could actually eat.

So fu**ing cute.

So fu**ing cute.


Friday 4:00 to 5:30/21C, Sunday 2:00 to 4:00/26C

Two Walk Day

Wild rose

Went for a quick (one hour) walk this morning. Wasn’t sureĀ  if it was going to rain this afternoon, and I didn’t want to miss the chance to be outside. It was beautiful. We’ve gone from drought conditions to double the normal precipitation in just over a week. Nobody was expecting it. Now, the ravines and river valley are lush, green and loud with the sound of rushing water.

Wild Clematis

Wild Clematis

This afternoon, I thought we might get caught in the rain, but it turned out to be sunny and hot. The dark clouds remained ominous in the east, but they didn’t explode. We drove down to snow valley and then walked north through Whitemud Ravine to the river. Just gorgeous. Saw wild clematis, a field of dandelions on the ski hill, a canoe (!) on the creek, and a bunch of people fishing in the river. The glistening foliage, still wet from last night’s rain, was throwing off humidity. Thought I saw a blue-headed duck, but it turned out to be a boring green-headed mallard. Also saw fuzzy gold moth-bee. Not sure what it was, but I wasn’t quick enough to take a shot. My new camera is still safe in its box where it can’t hurt my technology-averse brain. Maybe next weekend…

Ski Hill

Ski Hill

Whitemud North hill



Mill Creek overflowing

More than 80+mm of rain over the last few days. So needed. All the grass was yellow, the creeks in Whitemud and Mill Creek Ravines were almost dry. Now, everything is beautiful and green.

Green grass

Tom and I walked in Mill Creek Ravine this afternoon. It’s been solid rain for three days but there was a brief reprieve around 1:00 so we laced our running shoes and headed out into the woods. As soon as I got out of my car, it was spectacular. Birds were singing, I was surrounded by a canopy of green. Good for the soul.

A full frog bog in Mill Creek Ravine

A full frog bog in Mill Creek Ravine

Oh and the frog bog was full of water and frogs. They stopped when we approached, but we could hear the frogs singing far down the path. Again, good for the soul.

Mill Creek wood

Godzilla of Mill Creek Ravine

Godzilla of Mill Creek Ravine


Geese…with a chaser of Ducks

Walked from Glenora, or should I say, drove from Glenora to Ravine Drive and then walked down the trail to Hawrelak. As I expected the park was full of geese, ducks, and happily, a good number of goslings. I always like to pay my respects. It was much cooler today, and hellaciously windy. A good, bird-filled walk.


Goose and gosling


A wittle Wigeon


A Common Goldeneye, Redhead and Mallard walk into a bar…


Late Spring in Early May

White Blossoms

I would say, on a blossom per capita basis, we are a good two weeks ahead of schedule, spring-wise. Even with the lack of rain, the city has exploded with colour. We may even be just slightly past peak blossom. Dark red blossoms, pink blossoms, white blossoms, yellow dandelions, purple lilacs and lots of green. Fat bees. Grasshoppers. It feels like it happened overnight. One minute I was in my winter boots, the next – my sandals. May is usually quite brown up until the last couple of weeks. Not sure who to thank…El Nino or Global Warming.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s BEAUTIFUL out there. And today, warm. The air and the ground is full of poplar seed.

Poplar fuzz

On the way home from my walk, I picked and/or stole some lilacs.

Now the house smells like purple.

It was unusually peopleless for the first part of the walk through the powerline and into Whitemud Ravine, but filled out toward the northern edge of the ravine. The creek is either low and slow-moving or still and stagnant. Even if Maggie was able to walk with me, she wouldn’t be able to take in a dip in the water. It’s too full of beaverish murk.


Walked up to the third bridge and then turned around and exited through Aspen Gardens. By that point I was very hot but filled with the scent of life in renewal.

Pink blossoms

How low can ya go....

How low can ya go….