Snow Sunday

Whitemud powerline

Whitemud Ravine powerline

A vision of a day! Fresh sparkling snow, blue sky, and sun. About -5C, which is a great temperature for walking. Other than shoveling, mostly inside the last couple of days. Lots of snow, after rain and a melt Thursday and Friday. Took the dog around the block on Friday after getting my snow tires put on, and then a longer, dogless walk this afternoon. Didn’t go too far, just a wander around the creek, which is not entirely covered by ice. Yet. Left some seed for the little beasties, and then headed back. Refreshing.

Whitemud Creek half frozen

Whitemud snow


It’s Heeeere….

White-breasted Nuthatch

Well, the snow is here, but it’s not been too bad. Cold, yes, but not a lot of snow – not like Buffalo which just got more than six feet of snow. I’m a little envious. We rarely get giant dumps of snow like that, so with all due respect to the folks who have been inconvenienced, and of course those who have lost their lives (shoveling), I think it would be really something to experience that kind of snowfall. As long as I had ample supplies of peanut M&M’s, and whale blubber (to keep me warm).

Whitemud hill

Very little activity since the snow came last weekend. I’m feeling blah (or is that meh?), so not a lot of energy to take myself out to the trails. Today, however, was quite lovely. Went to Whitemud Ravine, just north of Snow Valley, in search of the oft talked about but rarely seen (at least by us) Barred Owl. No joy. But, I brought along some seeds and nuts, and at one point had a chickadee and white-breasted nuthatch feeding out of the palm of my hand (but not at the same time). Spread the rest of the seeds along the wood rails at one of the lookout points, and we were soon surrounded by chickadees, nuthatches, bluejays, and a squirrel. Feeding birds (and other animals) gives me a ridiculous amount of pleasure, even when I’m feeling kind of crummy. Thanks birdies.


Whitemud trees in white


A Perfect Day

By the river near Whitemud

By the river near Whitemud

This may be the last truly snow-free day until spring. Lots of below zero temperatures next week, and snow this weekend. Today, however, it was simply gorgeous. Crisp and bright. Blue sky. I made a point of enjoying the clear roads as a driver, and the soft browns and golds of Whitemud Ravine as a walker. It’s possible that the weather will unfold not as predicted – we’ve lasted well into November without winters’ grip taking permanent hold of the landscape, but it may be too much to ask for a few more weeks of autumn.

Whitemud Ravine Hoodoo

Whitemud Ravine Hoodoo


Dainty Duck

Dainty Duck



4C/1:20 to 2:40

November ~ Fort Edmonton Footbridge

View from the trail west of the Fort Edmonton footbridge

View from the trail west of the Fort Edmonton footbridge (with Fort Edmonton in the background)

Fort Edmonton footbridge

We made it to November 2 with green grass and no snow. There have been a few snow ‘episodes’, but nothing that stuck. It’s been cool and beautiful. A little discombobulating as well. The leaves are all gone, but the grass in the back yard is summer green.

Fort Edmonton Park 2

A lovely (mostly) stroll through the Fort Edmonton area – over the footbridge and up the friggin’ stairs. Lots of people enjoying an atypically wind-free afternoon. First day after the clocks have been returned to mountain standard time. When I used to walk home from work, it was a sad day, because it cut short my walks in the river valley and ravine. Now, it’s just another day.Fort Edmonton Park 3




Terwillegar poplar

It’s 21C. Beautiful. Sunny. Hard to believe it’s October 20th. Not that it can’t be beautiful or sunny this time of year, but it’s usually not this warm. We’ve had a gorgeous autumn.

Maggie 2

Drove to Terwillegar, which was like driving from mid-fall into late-fall. The poplar and birch trees dominate the park, and they’ve all lost their leaves. Street-level, other trees, especially the columnar aspens, are holding fast. It’s blue, yellow and red. In Terwillegar, it’s a thousand variations on brown. Still beautiful though, and hot. I was wearing shorts, and by the end of the 45 minute walk, Maggie was ready for a dip in the river. It was all we could do to keep her from running back to the car, but once she sniffed the water, she was game. It totally revived her. Might have been all the seagulls.


21C/12:30 to 2:00PM


Fall 3

I kinda thought the leaves would be mostly gone by now, but it’s still incredibly full and colourful in the woods, and along the streets of the city. Blue sky and warm temperatures the last couple of days too, but with that damned wind. I’m always just a bit disappointed when I look at my photos. The beauty that I see all around me is never quite captured in film, but I keep snapping, ever hopeful.

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2:00 – 3:30/20C